Animal Healing

Animals are great to work together with.

A lot of my clients are animals and their owners.
Big or small.

Like children do, our animals can mirror how we think, feel and act.
They can get physical or behaviour problems.

I have seen in rescue and adoption dogs they sometimes need to release their previous life.


As an Animal Translator I Translate how your animal feels
and what they want to tell you with their behaviour or problems.

With ease and grace I connect with your animal.

My experience is that all animals love to tell how they feel and what bothers them.
They heal incredibly fast when problems are being solved on a cellulair level.

We work together with you and your animal holisticly,
to see you and your animal as whole,
including physical, mental and emotional health while taking social factors into consideration.



Personal Investment for Animal Reading | Healings € 79 for 60 minutes


Personal Investment to work with you for your animal € 99 for 60 minutes


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