When you would like to work on yourself on a loving and easy way,
to resolve self limiting beliefs, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Sessions includes readings, belief work, feeling work, body scanning, anchestral healing, previous lives and family healing.


Theme's to work on:


  • Relationships with yourself, partner of family

  • Soulmates

  • (Birth) Trauma's

  • Childhood Trauma's

  • Physical Problems, headache, overweight, anxiety, sleepdisorders, hormones, stress

  • Mental Problems

  • Blocks how to Manifest and live in Abundance

  • Financial problems and insecurities

  • Boundaries

  • Soul Mission

  • Goal Setting

  • Addictions

  • Parents and Children

  • Work related issues

  • Intuitive abilities

  • Animals

  • Energetic House Clearing

  • Spririts and Anchestors

  • Business Coaching





99 in Breda, Skype or by telephone










Your session can be canceled or re-booked only 48 hours in advance of your appointment

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